Qlik Caddy is a powerful combination of Qlik Managed Support Services and top-notch features that extend your Qlik out of the box capabilities to reduce deployment cost, boost development speed, accelerate user adoption, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Like a golf caddy, our team will constantly give you insightful advice while supporting your ongoing BI endeavours. Qlik Caddy makes you aware of your challenges and opportunities along with the best strategy to play.

Redefine the boundaries of your Qlik applications and see how your wish-list of features comes true.  Qlik Caddy is an all-in-one package that combines the support that you will always need for your environment plus tip-top functionalities that add value to your processes and outcomes.


Our Managed Support Service aims for you to have optimal performance and the best possible experience with your Qlik Products.

Add-on Features

Take the Qlik Sense platform to a new level by extending with our add-on functionalities.

Agile On-Demand

Agile on-demand gives you the flexibility and ability to have at your disposal the best BI team in North America at a preferential rate for any development work when required.

Qlik Caddy Tiers

With any package, you get Support Services and access to your Qlik Caddy Dashboard which provides a consolidated view of support and monitoring trends, flags, and predefined metrics to keep you informed 24/7.  On top of that, you get free access to add-on functionalities that enrich your Qlik products, processes, and outcomes depending on the tier you choose: 


Qlik Caddy SMB
Qlik Caddy Standard
Qlik Caddy Enterprise
Agile On-Demand
Advanced Analytics Tool Box
Governance Dashboard
Analyzers - Data Connections & Extensions
Library of External Data Sources
Subscriptions & Alerts
Auto Application Backup
Qlik Metadata Manager
Mashup Templates
OCR Connector
Cache Initializer
Write Back Tool
Innovoco Machine Learning