Innovoco has decided to release Mashup Development Templates to its clients at no cost for a limited period.

This program leverages pre-configured solutions and state-of-the-art developments to help Qlik customers get the maximum value from their BI platform and strategically reach the largest number of users at the lowest cost.

 Qlik Mashup Enablement Program (QMEP) allows you to deploy your Qlik Mashup in as little as 1 week.

Do you know what Qlik Mashups are?


Qlik Sense Mashups are web applications that use Qlik Sense objects from one or more Qlik Sense apps to create a unique web service with one graphical interface that provides a different user experience than the original sources in isolation. You can create responsive web pages or websites using data and visualizations from Qlik Sense apps.

We can use Qlik with anything that uses open web standards!

Benefits of Qlik Mashups

  • Integration with external technologies. The flexibility provided by Qlik enables you to embed charts into large applications with ease.
  • Mashups are dynamic and provide additional UI flexibility in terms of design and functions. It allows developers to deliver apps with a smoother and richer user experience.
  • Create visually appealing and powerful applications that drive user engagement  
  • Flexible licensing models
  • We can use HTML templates that are developed for other purposes (like WordPress) to make incredibly well-designed dashboards in a fraction of the time it would have taken with Qlik.
  • Leverage Qlik Sense contents without the usual hub experience. If your target users know how to navigate a website, BI & Analytics are at their fingertips!
  • Mashups can be hosted on the internet but you can also create mashups locally to be viewed on just a single machine or inside of a private network or intranet
  • Combine the Qlik Sense analytics platform with client site frameworks, such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node, and others.
  • Dynamic content features that allow for custom navigation. You can enhance usability by condensing, introducing, showing, removing, or altering content to customize and improve navigation.

  • The flexibility and wide variety of tools in a mashup allow you to focus on the workflow to deliver user-friendly web sites, apps, and pages for your users.

Are you a good fit for Qlik Mashups?

Would it be a competitive advantage to grant your customers access to relevant information on a Customer Portal?   

How about a Portal for your suppliers?

How much your internal processes could improve by presenting some workers with real-time data as they go?

Are some of your target users (internal or external) not familiar with the Qlik Hub navigation, but they would be comfortable accessing data on a website?

Is there a need to present certain users with condensed information from a variety of Qlik Apps in a more user-friendly way?

You may already have a custom portal or application that you’d like to add analytics to, if so, mashups would be the perfect use case!

What is in the Qlik Mashup Enablement Program for you?

Access to 1 Qlik Mashup Template for free which reduces development efforts by up to 60%

Guided onboarding and professional services to customize and deploy your Qlik Mashup

Licensing review and advisory

Post-deployment Support

Our team will be happy to walk you through the Qlik Mashup Enablement Program.

Choosing your free Mashup template with our help typically takes just 30 minutes. Contact us, and we’ll schedule you in.