Our Managed Support Service aims for you to have optimal performance and the best possible experience with your Qlik Products. Not only do we provide assistance when an event occurs but also we create a proactive partnership based on a predictive support offering and ongoing maintenance activities to stay on top of your environment and help you maximize your investment in Qlik. 

We fully support and maintain your existing Qlik environment ensuring industry best standards are applied. Technology changes, business needs change, and your requirements change, Qlik Caddy takes care of it. 

Our Support Model encompasses 4 core areas:


ETL is the most critical item in a BI environment for support. Most failures are the result of a failed, incomplete, or slow ETL job


We monitor critical database items and establish procedures to ensure the health of your database objects


This is one of the most neglected areas and difficult to monitor by the business. We’ll resolve issues before you are even aware of it with a customised approach to monitor data quality for critical areas


Your reporting system is unique and has different requirements. We monitor processing time, server performance and availability, server health.

Tasks: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual

We have created a detailed plan of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual activities to monitor and support your Qlik environment.  

This plan is built upon Qlik official recommendation of spending 40 hours a month on maintenance activities to keep your environment running optimally. We have enhanced and customized Qlik’s recommendation with best practices and automated tools to ensure stability and performance down the road.

How many hours a month is your team spending on maintenance tasks?  

Do they know what tasks are required to ensure performance and prevent issues from happening down the line? 

There are many activities that BI Teams don’t know they need until they need it! We will do it on your behalf.

Findings and relevant information from monitoring and support tasks are displayed on your Qlik Caddy Dashboard. 

The Qlik Caddy Dashboard provides a consolidated view of trends, flags, and predefined metrics to keep you informed 24/7.  

Our team of product experts along with our set of specific tools and processes allow us to provide the right level of support to cover all your needs.  We offer the right expertise at the right place and at the right time.