Every day more companies rely on a partner to take over a wide variety of IT activities that are highly time-consuming, critical for the organization, or require a costly skill set to be efficiently performed. When it comes to Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, those activities come down to maintenance, support, and development. 

A support partner provides the company with expertise, talent, and tools to meet the desired performance at a cost that couldn’t be possible without teaming up.  Support partnerships exist to help organizations handle and optimize their support and maintenance activities relying on expertise and best practices while allowing their internal teams to focus on the core areas of the business.  Unless you can count forever on in-house resources with the expertise, availability, and continuous training in the ever-changing BI & Analytics world, a Support Partner is a wise option to consider.  

Having the right support partner incorporates flexibility and scalability to your processes, right where and when you need it.  This is the most cost-effective and efficient way to achieve the highest performance. A full-service strategic partner develops an understanding of your business, your BI environment, your needs, challenges, and opportunities. It offers tools and strategies for you to augment your BI capabilities while supporting your environment in a way that exceeds standards.

Qlik Caddy goes out of its way to provide you with the best experience for your Qlik products. Our Qlik Support offering, industry best practices, and our hallmark when it comes to innovation deliver an unmatched opportunity for Qlik Customers.  With a solid and automated monitoring & support model and additional tools, we enable you to work better. 

The Idea Behind Qlik Caddy

Qlik Caddy is the result of many years of experience working with Qlik Customers, implementing Qlik products, and assisting Business Intelligence endevours that drive business results for our clients. We have designed the most complete array of support services, automated activities, monitoring tools, and professional assistance that allow you to focus on the core of your BI projects while we do all the rest. 

We have also identified the best-in-class out of the box features that will add value to your analytics processes. Our objective is to achieve the highest performance from your Qlik products by applying best practices and taking advantage of add-on features that maximize the value of all your Qlik solutions. 

Our comprehensive and proven service offering leverages the benefits of having an experienced support partner to contribute to the overall management of your Qlik environment easily and cost-effectively, without having to hire specialized or additional resources. 

Qlik Caddy is more than Qlik Support 

When considering a Qlik partner, you might think that what you need is a reseller and support provider. After all, all you need is a service that keeps the lights on and ensures your environment is up and running, right? 

Our experience with 300+ Qlik implementations has shown us that when it comes to optimal performance you need more than Qlik support. Qlik Caddy takes part in business as usual processes to provide the most effective approach to maintain and scale your environment in the short and long term.  

Qlik Caddy provides: 

  • Consistent Qlik maintenance and support coverage.  If you have a ‘go to’ team member who knows what to do when something goes wrong in your Qlik environment, don’t wait until they win the lottery and become unavailable to get your ducks in a row. With Qlik Caddy, you can sleep at night and go on holiday knowing that we are monitoring and supporting your business, even when you are not around. 
  • The expertise to make your BI environment more reliable.
  • The tools to identify and advise on actions, services, and best practices that will help your BI environment run more efficiently.
  • The proficiency to effortlessly manage your analytics processes with the minimum amount of hassle. 

Maintain focus on your core activities

Allow your team to do what they do best. Focus on your core BI activities and avoid the hassles associated with maintenance and support. 

When your Qlik environment is managed by a specialist, you are freed up to ensure you are doing what adds value to your Analytics processes. 

No other solution provides a comprehensive and proven support offering with add-on features and Business Intelligence Team on-demand.  Take advantage of our customer onboarding process and ensure continued success and optimal performance for your Qlik solutions.