On top of our comprehensive support offering and based on our experience, we have added a selected group of features to make Qlik more functional.  

As a support partner, we provide free access to features that we usually sell to Qlik customers. We are adding an extra layer of functionality and best practices to your environment. 

Add-on of the Month

Write-Back Tool

Take the Qlik Sense platform to a new level by extending the BI functionality from traditionally being a read-only tool, to now being a tool that allows users to create, edit, and delete data. Enable specific users to make data changes to records within their dashboards and save these changes to the source database.

Innovoco Machine Learning

Leverage models that can process data on their own and uncover unexpected findings within Qlik. The analytical accuracy improves with each run as it teaches itself from the datasets it analyzes. As it sees more data, it gives you better predictions and produces significantly smarter insights.

Cache Initializer

Increase your user adoption rate by reducing wait time. For companies with large applications, this tool “warms” the cache of a Qlik Sense server so that the users experience shorter load times for their ‘first’ app opens and queries.

Qlik Metadata Manager

Tell the story of your BI environment. If the monitoring of usage and users is beneficial to you, Qlik Metadata Manager is the tool that will allow you to analyze Qlik Sense application metadata across your environment. It gives you a holistic view of all your Qlik Sense apps, including granular level detail of an app’s data model and its resource utilization. These pieces of metadata are very helpful in forming an optimized data load strategy.

Analyzers – Data Connections & Extensions

Do you know what extensions you have installed? What sheets are they used on? What apps are they used on? Which connections are no longer used? Who is using what data connections? If an extension fails when you upgrade, do you know where that extension is used? Get a complete view of your environment and analyze data connection usage, patterns, age, and cleanliness across your applications.

Governance Dashboard

Collecting and organizing metadata enables Qlik users to develop data governance best practices and optimize their Qlik investment. With the information collected in the Governance Dashboard, administrators and developers can discover how efficiently their data and applications are being used as well as make informed decisions about how to develop future applications.

Advanced Analytics Toolbox

Create charts to perform advanced analytics by simple drag-and-drop without complex scripting. Reduce development costs and time, and enhance end-user outcomes with different analysis types: linear regression analysis, statistical hypothesis testing, variance analysis, principal component analysis (PCA), time series analysis, clustering, text mining, etc.

Auto Application Back-up

Do not risk your work and stability by overlooking the proper way to back up your infrastructure. We do it for you!

Library of External Data Sources

Incorporate external data feeds into your analytics processes and get access to insights that your competitors are missing.


Manage and automate your Qlik ETL process. IQ ETL makes it easier and faster to load data via an organized, highly structured, scalable, and unified process speeding up development and reducing support efforts.

OCR Connector

Incorporate information trapped on pdf documents and images to your database with superior data security and ensure all your data is being considered in your analytics processes.

Mashup Templates

Create visually appealing and powerful web pages or applications using data and visualizations from Qlik Sense apps. We can use Qlik with anything that uses open web standards! Get the maximum value from your Qlik platform and strategically reach the largest number of users at the lowest cost.